Power2Max Power Meter Add-On


Handcrafted in Germany

Available in NGeco or NG models

4 bolt versions are the “SL” versions

*Only available to purchase with Crankset

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Power2Max Power Meter Add-On

Handcrafted in Germany, power2max power meters deliver Industry-leading precision, data richness, dual-sided power metering and exceptional performance together with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity.



Power Meter NGeco Road – your smart choice

The power meter NGeco Road is the newest model in the p2m power meter range. The high quality and complete power meter for road cycling, TT, Triathlon and cyclocross captures the power output of both legs. Released in August 2017 it redefines the concept of spider based power meters.

Nonetheless, the power meter NGeco road offers the essential power meter features with state of the art +/-2 % precision, highest reliability, the power meter metrics and the option to individually upgrade the power meter functions to further metrics, like Left-Right Balance or Pedal Smoothness.

The NGeco is the right power meter for you, if…

  • you are looking for a reasonable priced power meter
  • you are looking for complete dual-sided power measurement
  • you want to push your limits with precise and reliable power data
  • you care about high quality.

NGeco warranty: 2 years



NG Road power meter – the Pro’s Choice

The NG Road power meter is power2max’ prime product series and the 3rd generation of the p2m cycling power meters. Like its’ predecessors the p2m Classic and the p2m Type S, it follows the concept of crank-spider power meters.

Offering highest precision of +/- 1 percent, highest reliability  through the refined temperature compensation process, data transmission through ANT+ or Bluetooth LE and a variety of advanced power meter metrics.

Make the NG your choice…

  • if your data need to be as precise as possible.
  • if you care about advanced power meter metrics like Pedal Smoothness and Torque.
  • if weight matters – the lighter the better.
  • if you prefer a rechargeable battery.

NG warranty: 5 years


NGeco 5bolt 110bcd, NGeco 4bolt 110bcd, NG 5bolt 110bcd, NG 4bolt 110bcd

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